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An investigation points to Russia as the person responsible for the Havana syndrome

An investigation points to Russia as the person responsible for the Havana syndrome

Investigations suggest Russia may be behind the energy weapons attacks that injured more than 100 US national security personnel. (AP/Desmond Boylan)

A significant advance in research into the mysterious condition known as “Havana Syndrome”A new twist in research Russia as a possible person responsible for the attacks Activated energy weapons. More than 100 officials and their families have been affected by these incidents US National SecurityAccording to recent reports, it causes brain injuries.

Employees are among the victims White HouseOfficers INCAgents FBI And military officials have reported symptoms similar to microwave or high-energy ultrasound attacks. Greg EdgreenA retired army lieutenant colonel headed the inquiry Defense Intelligence AgencyHe expressed his personal belief that these actions were directed attacks RussiaIn an interview for the show 60 minutes of CBS News.

The investigation revealed cases where the victims, many of them US intelligence personnel and ambassadors abroad, were removed from their posts. Traumatic brain injuries. It created a significant concern About how these attacks effectively neutralize key personnel US national security.

The removal of intelligence officers and our diplomats overseas with brain injuries has an impact on US national security. They are neutralizedEdgreen said.

A clinical study led by Dr. David Relman of Stanford University In 2022 the government found “clear evidence of injury to the auditory and vestibular system of the brain,” indicating that “pulse-directed energy (radiofrequency) appears to be the most plausible mechanism.” This discovery provided scientific support for the sufferers' claims about the source of their symptoms.

Significant progress in research into the mysterious condition known as “Havana Syndrome” (REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghinini).

Enigmatic symptoms are categorized Severe headache, disorientation And hearing problems, collectively known as “Havana Syndrome”It is regularly reported among US personnel serving the nation, including agents of the country FBI and security advisors. The situation is believed to have started affecting US embassy staff Cuba In 2016, has been raised A growing concern Its causes and effects are still not fully understood.

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One of the recent victims An FBI agent specializing in counterintelligenceIdentity 60 minutes Carrie to protect her identity as she is still in service. Gary suffered a severe attack while at home Florida In 2021.

As she described it, she was beaten A paralyzing force that caused a sharp, sharp pain in his right ear, “Like a dentist drilling, but multiplied by ten.” The episode not only disoriented her physically, but also had long-term effects on her health, manifesting in symptoms comparable to early-onset Alzheimer's disease, affecting both her short- and long-term memory and her ability to multitask.

Another troubling piece of evidence is coming Olivia TroyFormer Security Advisor to the Vice President Mike Pencewho claimed to have suffered an attack similar to Gary's, but this time at close range White House In 2022, Troy described a piercing, dizzying sensation on the right side of his head.

Additionally, the identity and agency of a man who is now medically retired from being one of the first publicly known cases of this syndrome has not been revealed. Cuba. This person has faced severe consequences including Loss of vision in one eye and balance issues.

Sufferers of the syndrome report severe pain and severe cognitive problems. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

Greg EdgreenA recently retired Army Lt. Col. headed the inquiry Defense Intelligence Agency 2021 to 2023, he revealed in an exclusive interview 60 minutes of CBS: “My personal opinion is that we are being attacked”. When questioned about a possible aggressor, Edgreen didn't hesitate to point out Russia Responsible.

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The Edgreen-led investigation focused on gathering a wide variety of data, including signals intelligence, human intelligence, open source reports, internet logs, travel logs, financial records, etc.

“Unfortunately, I can't go into details in terms of classification. But I can say that I started paying attention at the initial stage. Moscow“Edgreen clarified. This concentration Russia Reinforced by observing the type of officials who rank among the top 5% and 10% of agency performance and work best against Russian interests.

A more recent and disturbing incident occurred during the summit NATO Inside Lithuania Last year, it focused more on the Russian invasion Ukraine. There, a high official Defense Department He developed symptoms and received medical treatment. “It tells me that there is no limit to anything Moscow Let's do it, who will attack, and if we don't face this head on, the problem will only get worse,” Edgreen commented after being briefed on the incident.

The US government faces accusations of covering up the nature of the attacks. (REUTERS/Amanda Andrade-Rhodes)

The wide spectrum of symptoms and the varied circumstances in which these episodes occur make it difficult for researchers to make a clear and direct link between the attacks and a specific perpetrator. However, the inconsistencies in the victims' narratives and the details tend toward suspicion Russia These actions have reinforced theories that they are part of a campaign of harassment and neutralization against employees. US national security.

Despite the seriousness of these reports, The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence And this White House noted that “it is highly unlikely that a foreign adversary is responsible for the reported AHIs”. However, counsel Mark ZideThis represents more than two dozen affected customers Havana syndromeInsisting there was a cover-up by the government.

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