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America vs Gallus (1-1) |  Solari trembles.  They tied at 95 minutes

America vs Gallus (1-1) | Solari trembles. They tied at 95 minutes

Azteca Stadium, Mexico City /

America forgot to win at homesince October 2021 he hasn’t done that and against Gallus this was a perfect opportunity, but Santiago Solari and his team were as alwaysa team without ideas and about the end The roosters were reviewed with a penalty in the VAR 1-1 . draw The crisis worsened.

The The Eagles showed the same weak level Which they showed all season, but it was almost enough for them against some cock who didn’t know how to benefit when they had an extra man due to Alejandro Zendegas being sent off in the first half.

The cream-blue night seemed like it would be perfect to forget all the bad steps, and reconnect with his fans because the results aren’t perfect and A goal by Bruno Valdes in the 5th minute Ignite the American delusion.

The Paraguay goal He was elegantly celebrated for merit and placed in the club’s history as a highest scoring defense Above Alfredo Tina. Celebrate with the whole team, though curiosity I missed Santiago Solari.

after the goal America’s players and their coach were responsible for the killing of Azulcrema To see his team outperform the opponent for the first time, returning to the poor level they showed at Clausura 2022.

America forgot its arrivalshine a spotlight on Gallus and stop having obvious chances, Supported as a “small team” Which is that after the goal they only had one chance which Aguirre rejected and from there it no longer happens.

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Roosters searched for purpose more than America Who has forgotten his greatness and now plays with fear and compliance, which is why Querétaro found a fair prize with Punishment determined at the time of compensation A kick from Luis Fuentes was converted by Angel Sepulveda in the 95th minute.

If there is a victory for Santos over Pumas on this double day, then Águilas will be the last public venue for Clausura 2022something that hasn’t been tried since Michelle Bauer’s time as a director and wouldn’t be overlooked in Coapa without some heads rolling.