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Aleska Génesis shares a live anchor to make men fall in love

Aleska Génesis shares a live anchor to make men fall in love

The name of the Aleska Genesis She went around the world not just as a rag-picker's friend Nicky JamAnd also for allegedly performing magic.

In 2022, Genesis was embroiled in a media scandal after a video was leaked in which she appeared to perform “magic” on her body. Nicky Jam So that he can return to it, [que] “Don’t stop thinking about me, look for me desperately, miss me, you need to make love with me, look for me, be with me, don’t look at anyone else, just me, think only about me, no” Don’t think about anyone else,” I asked her Blonde Santera, who also admitted that this man was not good in bed at all.

Without shame, Genesis accepted that he had indeed turned to Santeria. “It's all true,” the model said. “Minus 90% of the video you edited, you're the bad guy MM,” the model said, challenging her ex-husband. Miguel Moawad To view the full video, since none of her pleas and confessions, according to her, mentioned the Puerto Rican translator.

The scandalous incident resurfaced yesterday after that The recipe shared by the blonde in the home… “I complicate relationships,” admitted the Venezuelan, who told her companions how to keep a man in love. “You're anchoring, [pones] A few drops, a few drops of urine and put it in the water in the morning; Five drops of urine, put it in the coffee or in the water and kept it there, and finished smiling: “Don’t bring my coffee.”

The model's confession caused a stir and was a topic of conversation on the program today (Telemundo), where broadcasters publicly commented on the anchoring. “Yak!” He said. Carlos Calderon He accepted the surprised look of his companion Daniel Arenas. “I prefer indoor water for urinating.”

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With his sense of humour, Penelope Menchaca “I don't think the pants will be very clean,” he added.

A few days ago, his ex-girlfriend Nicky Jam She was accused of stealing luxury watches and was arrested at the Mexico airport. “The charges were dropped and I am not guilty of anything. All the evidence was false,” he said. When she was arrested, officers told her “You are under arrest for gang robbery” and she asked to contact her lawyer and family for help. “Their idea was to detain me, take me to prison and not let anyone know anything,” he said.