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AI Pin, the cell phone alternative, already has a delivery date

AI Pin, the cell phone alternative, already has a delivery date

This smart brush runs its own operating system called Cosmos, and uses a framework called AI Bus designed to implement artificial intelligence experiments.

pin ai to Humanitythe device designed to replace smartphones, will begin deliveries to first buyers on March 2024.

This was confirmed by its developer, who presented it to the world last November, after months of great anticipation Smart brooch Which displays content in the palm of the hand and is considered progress towards an era without screens, dominated by artificial intelligence.

next to, pin ai It runs its own operating system called UniverseIt uses a framework called Artificial intelligence bus To enhance artificial intelligence experiences.

Although it lacks traditional applications, it can interact with different language models and display information through laser user interface elements.

Device costs $699 And a monthly subscription $24 Required to access mobile data via T-MobileIt will initially only be available in United State.

Deliveries pin ai The order of reservations will be honored, with customers who select priority shipping receiving their unit first.

Likewise, it has been confirmed that remaining orders will continue to be processed in the order in which they were received, and updates regarding product availability will be sent through official channels.

Bethany Bongiorno And Imran Chaudhryleaders Humanity and former employees of Manzanainformation revealed in TwitterWithout specifying a specific date during the month of March.

It has not been confirmed whether the smart brooch will soon be available in other markets outside the United States.

The device will be officially presented on November 9.(@zaneliu)

he Humanity ai pin It does not have a traditional screen, but instead uses audio cues and projection to display information in the user's hand, with an emphasis on privacy and Contextual intelligence.

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Its capabilities include voice messages and calls; job “Right” Which can summarize your email inbox; Bring the food closer to the camera to get nutritional information; And also get translation in real time.

While cooperating with OpenAI, Microsoft, and TidalGiving you access to advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

Even a humanist says that access to ChatGPT It is actually one of the main features of the device.

In addition, the software technology for this device includes Snapdragon quad-core processor And a Qualcomm AI EngineThey both enhance the operating system Cosmos operating system From the brand.

Colors available for pre-order include Lunar eclipses and equinoxes; The last two at a cost $799 Because they are color variables.

It is important to note that in addition to the advanced features of artificial intelligence And for her Projection capabilitiesHumane designed this pin to function as a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Operator)This allows users to connect to the mobile phone regardless of traditional devices.

This wearable device can be placed on your jacket lapel and project an image onto the screen in your hand.

Unlike wearable devices such as… Rewind necklaceAI Pin is not designed to always be recorded and does not even listen to the wake word.

In fact, you will have to manually activate the device by touching and dragging the touchpad, while… “Light of trust” The pin flashes to let everyone know it is collecting data.

In this case, what Humane is trying to do is remove the facade of mobile technology entirely, because your device doesn't have a home screen or many settings and accounts to manage.

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The idea is that it is only necessary Speak or touch the pinsaying what you want to do or know, so that it happens automatically.

At the moment, the company has not yet determined the exact date on which existing orders will ship, however, it promises to update the information as soon as it becomes available.