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Agricultural science workers declare a strike in Panama

Agricultural science workers declare a strike in Panama

Panama City, February 4 (Prensa Latina) Agricultural workers in Panama announced today that they will march towards the Presidency of the Republic next Thursday to demand better working conditions and salaries.

According to Melikiades Mujica, head of the College of Agricultural Engineers, the Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama, has only increased the proposed salary increase by 1.5 percent, an amendment that will only apply to low-income people.

He said that while the union requested a 19.8 percent amendment based on the increase in prices of the basic food basket, the executive authority approved only 6.5 percent.

According to the leader, inspections and approvals will be paralyzed on the day of the march at various ports and points throughout the Isthmus through which goods transporting foodstuffs enter and exit.

Agricultural science workers are responsible for verifying that food and inputs entering Panama, whether raw materials or industrial products, comply with local regulations.

At the beginning of this month, and with the start of this strike, with the support of more than four thousand officials distributed among various institutions, the entry of food supplies into the country was greatly affected, which led in a short period to a delay of no less than 15 days in dealing with food products.

The workers are demanding that the government comply with the salary adjustment they must receive under the rule every five years stipulated by Law No. 11 of April 12, 1982, in addition to ensuring that employees who do not have permanent contracts remain in their jobs.

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