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AEE reports that two Jilin units are out of service

AEE reports that two Jilin units are out of service

The Electric Power Authority The AEE warned that it has generation restrictions after two generating units went out of service this morning.

Through its Twitter account, PREPA stated that “workers of the AES private generator plant” had to forcibly remove Unit 2 due to a malfunction. “

The production of this unit, along with PREPA units that are under repair or not available, puts the power system at critical reserve levels.”

Faced with this situation, at approximately 11:17 p.m., PREPA urged customers to use electricity carefully until this unit and the PS3 unit are back in service.

A few hours later, PREPA noted that “the Costa Sur 6 unit was forced out of service at 1:08 AM. PREPA technical personnel are at the power plant to normalize the unit and determine the cause of the outage to rectify the situation and return the unit to service as soon as possible.”

The mode of generation was not immediately associated with a lack of service for subscribers. Transportation and distribution company Loma Energy It has indicated that it has been dealing with several reported rain related malfunctions since yesterday afternoon.

At about 6:30 am today, the company portal indicated that about 3,511 customers were without electricity service.