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Ciencias Actuariales realiza el ciclo de conferencias “Conoce a tus profesores”

Actuarial Science implements the “Meet Your Professors” course

At this virtual event, the areas of actuarial knowledge: risk, data science, finance and mathematics were presented to new students.

With the “Meet Your Professors” conference course, we have Faculty of Actuarial Sciences She presented the areas of knowledge into which the actuarial discipline is divided into the twenty-first century: risk, data science, mathematics, and finance.

Each one was administered by members of the College: Risks with Dr. Jose Daniel Lopez Barrientos; Data Science with Dr. José Eliud Silva Urrutia; Mathematics with Dr. Victor Hugo Ibarra Mercado and Finance with Mtro. Alberto Moreno Ruiz Esparza. Experts from the faculty at both campuses also joined in to coordinate the roundtable interview, who chatted with each other and with new students seeking to belong to the Anahuak community.

This session was held last June and included a weekly conference. It is worth noting that one of the presentations was a trial of the asynchronous version of the actuarial conference “Area of ​​Academic Risk in Anahuac, Mexico”.

These activities are a reliable example of the innovation that the School of Actuarial Science brings to the Federation and highlight its importance at the national level.


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