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Aaron Boone ejected for no reason against Oakland (+Video)

Aaron Boone ejected for no reason against Oakland (+Video)

the Major League Baseball Week 4 of the 2024 regular season calendar began with one game in the early hours of April 22. Oakland Athletics Go visit Yankee StadiumTo face the current leaders of the Eastern Conference of the American League, New York Yankees.

This clash is the first in a series of four, and in the same way, it is the first time both franchises will meet on the diamond in 2024. The shooters who stepped into the box in search of victory are J.P. Sears for the visit, while, Carlos Rodondid the same for the locals.

On this occasion, the leadership role did not fall on the players, but on the main referee. Hunter Wendelstedt Manager of the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone. The first time, the game began with a changed spirit due to a series of protest words by the local leader against the main boss, to which he responded forcefully: “I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. If I say anything again you'll leave.”These words were clearly heard during the live broadcast.

The New York Yankees left without Boone

Such as the strategic 2023 season New York Yankees He noticed several commitments outside the club after his constant complaints to various referees. However, on this occasion the opposite happened, he didn't say anything and left the field early.

When the first half ended Aaron Boone He was warned and after signaling with his hands (a sign of acceptance) he complied with the decision, although after that, Wendelstead He expelled him immediately after he claimed he was continuing to protest from the hideout.

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this way, Bon He reacted cheerfully and went in front of the referee to explain that he had not said anything and pointed directly to the stands. The words seemed to come from another direction and from one of the fans in attendance. “I didn't say a word, I didn't say anything, I didn't say anything.”repeat the strategy constantly.

However, the decision has already been made Aaron Boone He had to leave the dugout without completing at least one round and the score would be tied at 0x0. What do you think of the main referee's decision? We read them in the comments.