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A young man maimed by a gang sends a letter from a hospital in Santiago de Cuba

A young man maimed by a gang sends a letter from a hospital in Santiago de Cuba

Cuban young man David Enrique Perdomo Alvarez, who was mutilated after being assaulted in the capital, Santiago de Cuba, sent a message of thanks to the people who learned of his situation, and said that he is recovering physically and emotionally.

He added that the victim is 26 years old, the father of a three-year-old daughter, and works as a calligrapher for the electricity company. Facebook Freelance local correspondent Yusufani Maita Labrada.

However, in recent days it has been Perdomo Álvarez Attacked by a gang Known as “59 de Micro III”, whose operatives cut off his right hand with a machete in the Abel Santamaría neighborhood, known as El Salão, in the capital, Santiago.

“I'm here recovering, I already feel a little better,” he said from the Juan Bruno Zayas Surgical Hospital, where treatment is being performed on the affected area.

The young man's family confirms that it has been done A terrible blow to himWho still has not understood what happened despite his improved mood.

Perdomo Alvarez “finished his early morning shift last weekend and decided to stay in and drink some beer at a neighborhood stand when the attack occurred around 5:40 a.m.,” said Deron Perdomo, one of the victim's brothers.

According to the testimony, the man was followed when he left the booth by more than one person Dozens of young men threw stones at him, stole his wallet, and attacked him with machetes.

Maita Labrada said that several people are in custody and under investigation in this incident.