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Un tribunal en EE.UU. ordena a un exjugador del Liverpool pagar más de 30.000 dólares al hombre que encontró a su perro extraviado

A US court has ordered a former Liverpool player to pay more than $30,000 to the man who found his missing dog


December 26, 2021 01:26 GMT

The footballer had promised in July 2019 to reward everyone who found his pet.

Court in Los Angeles (USA) Command Footballer Daniel Sturridge pays $30,085 to the man who found his missing dog in 2019.

Former Liverpool player, Kan a promise In July 2019 a reward of 30 thousand dollarsIn a series of messages on social media, whoever found his dog, a Pomeranian named Lucci, disappeared after several unknown men broke the door and entered his Hollywood home.

Local rapper Foster Washington, better known as “Kila Fame”, found the footballer’s spell and brought it back, They did not receive the reward. As a result, he went to court.

Court documents obtained by the Palestinian News Agency show that a hypothetical ruling was introduced, which means that Sturridge did not respond to the lawsuit.

Music He said He told the media that he was “disappointed” by the football player. “When we found the dog, I thought my life would be better,” he said, adding that he was “happy” that he had been “fighting this issue for over a year.”

Washington also commented that no agreement has yet been reached to obtain the funds. “I hope he pays and doesn’t try to appeal,” he said.