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A scientific project to study the atmosphere wins the Andalusian stage of the competition promoted by the Science Park

A scientific project to study the atmosphere wins the Andalusian stage of the competition promoted by the Science Park

A study about The habitability of the planet through its atmosphere He was the first winner of the Andalusian Cannes competition, Organized by Science Park, Through the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) of the European Space Agency.

It is a project promoted by IES Fernando III of Jaén Selected from over 40 projects for its “scientific and innovative quality”Therefore, it will participate in the national final that will be held next May.

During the competition celebration, the ranked teams got pIt carried out satellite launches in missiles and drones and presented its scientific projects before a jury of 7 experts in the field of space research I proceeded to the classroom who appreciated the quality and innovation of the work and congratulated both the faculty and the participating students for their high standard.

In the activity, where they attended on behalf of Junta de Andalucía Antonio Segura, Director General of Teacher Training and Francisco Martinez, Head of the Educational Innovation Department of the General Directorate for Teacher Training and Educational Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Sports, 4 other awards were also awarded: for the best technical achievement awarded to the GalaSat team at the IES Antonio Gala in Palma de Rio (Córdoba); For the most outstanding scientific assignment, awarded to Project Galileo by IES la Jarcia de Cádiz; For the innovation and creativity of the CAN_SAD team of IES Santo Domingo de Cádiz and for the best publication and sponsorship of San Antonio researchers at IES San Antonio de Huelva.

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Next to, Some schools that developed educational projects in the field of aviation participated In this academic year and initiatives related to STEAM projects and space robotics. Most of the registered teams, and all those who qualified for this region, come from educational centers belonging to the STEAM project: Application of Space Research in Class, coordinated by the Department of Educational Innovation of the Directorate General of Teacher Training and Education Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Andalusian Military Council.

exactly The high participation in the Andalusian phase is due to the publication and training that has been implemented since this project Which aims to bring educators and students closer to space research through the STEAM methodology and through ESERO’s resources and programs to improve students’ skills in science and technology.

The objective of the Cansat competition, which is part of the “From Space to the Classroom” procedure promoted by the Science Park ESERO office, is to Building a satellite the size of a soda can, including all the necessary subsystems to collect data, transmit information, and achieve a safe landing. The challenge for the students was to present the main subsystems of a real satellite, such as the power supply, sensors, and communication system, in such a small space. In the regional final, the satellites built through missiles and drones were launched to accomplish their mission and show the results obtained.