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A pilot suffered a heart attack mid-flight between Miami and Santiago de Chile and died after an emergency landing.

A pilot suffered a heart attack mid-flight between Miami and Santiago de Chile and died after an emergency landing.

Dead pilot Ivan Andavar (@DarioAPerezP on Twitter)

(From Santiago, Chile) Ivan Andauer Santibanes has 25 years of experience as a pilot.and 56 in his civilian life.

He had to command the plane this Monday Latam LA505, which covers the route between Miami and Santiago. And he didn’t finish it.

In a statement issued by the airline, the aircraft, A The Boeing 787 made an emergency landing at Tocumen Airport in Panama due to a medical emergency for one of the three members of the command crew.

Antoor must have felt remorse mid-flight. So, he went to the bathroom.

“During the flight, all necessary safety protocols were carried out to protect the life of the affected pilot. However, after landing and getting help on the ground, the pilot unfortunately died.

The airline added in its statement, “As a Ladam Group we are deeply saddened by what happened and extend our sincere condolences to the family of our accomplice. We are deeply grateful for his valuable contribution spanning 25 years of career and his dedication, professionalism and commitment which always stands out.

In a video, a nurse aboard the plane said she was part of an improvised medical team to treat the pilot. He also said that Andur suffered cardiac arrest Two doctors and two nurses on board tried to revive him for about an hour. “Unfortunately we don’t have enough materials to do a good revival,” he said.

A LATAM flight made an emergency landing in Panama

Another passenger, Walter Peña, told Los Ultimas Noticias newspaper, “The flight started without any problems and everything was fine until the loudspeakers asked if there were medical personnel to go to the cabin immediately. Two or three people stood up and part of the group searched for the first aid kit. They later warned us that we had to make an emergency landing in Panama because one person needed medical attention at the hospital.

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After spending half an hour on Tokumen Slab, the flight was informed that it had been cancelled. The crew of the flight were greeted with applause as they disembarked through the waiting room of the Panama airport.

As reported by Los Ultimas Noticias, Ivan Andavar is a fan of motorcycles. So much so that he had three machines, one of which was from the 90s.

A few years ago he lost his wife, and on his Facebook profile he dedicated phrases like “Heaven is smiling at me, I know.”

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