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A new fleet of R211 trains arrives on the New York subway after five years

A new fleet of R211 trains arrives on the New York subway after five years

Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

MTA authorities gathered in upper Manhattan to celebrate the entry of the former New subway trains for the fleet It has not been renewed for more than five years.

The MTA ordered 535 R211a trains including 440 cars with “state of the art” amenities, 15 Staten Island Railroad trains and 20 cars with an open lane feature.

In February, the transit authority held a special preview event that allowed journalists to ride a train made up of the new-style cars.

In the future, there will be open aisle experimental trolleys, too It will allow customers with mobility devices or strollers to move around the train like never before“And I’m excited to test drive these new cars,” said Quemuel Arroyo, director of accessibility for the MTA.

current models It has wider doors that are designed to speed up boarding and reduce the amount of time trains spend in stations.

“The new cars will give our passengers a more modern commuter experience, so riding the metro won’t feel like a step into the past,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Jano Lieber.

We are investing over $6 billion in new train cars As part of the MTA’s $55 billion historic capital program, it’s not just for facelift, because these new rolling stock allow us to provide more frequent service.”

according to, ABC7 The new cars feel light and airy inside as there is 10% more space.

In addition, Safety on board is improved by an extensive network of surveillance cameras, since there are dozens of them throughout the train, which can be monitored in real time by train operators and drivers.

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