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A "fatal intervention" by Chilean Arturo Vidal .. Italian newspapers say about the "karate kick" that Felix Torres received from the Ecuadorean national team |  football |  Sports

A “fatal intervention” by Chilean Arturo Vidal .. Italian newspapers say about the “karate kick” that Felix Torres received from the Ecuadorean national team | football | Sports

In the country where he plays for Inter Milan, the press criticizes him for this violent act. They call it a “negative lead” in the playoff.

With several publications with a certain dramatic tone, and the hint that it may not have been due to mistakes made by their team, a sector of the Chilean sports press is seeking to justify the painful defeat they suffered in Santiago 2-0 against Ecuador. It refers to factors that have nothing to do with what happened on the field. For example, it appears that it was a conspiracy of fate against Chile when the media from the lone star country asked: “What did the Chilean team do to the world to deserve all this cruelty in 90 minutes?”

There is also talk of a ‘strange game’, and although losing footballers to injury is rare, the ‘dark force’ has been cited. Black Magic. Just bad luck ‘to find explanations for ‘gloomy night’.

However, the beginning of the end of Chile’s hopes of overcoming Ecuador began with the expulsion of Arturo Vidal, who received a direct red card for taking a “fierce kick”, as the newspaper calls it. the fourthAgainst defender Felix Torres. meter, from Santiago, described the red midfielder’s dangerous action as a “flying kick” and a “massive iron”.

Last Tuesday there were no ideas of arbitration with Vidal. The midfielder did not even have time to try to brief Argentine judge Fernando Rapallini with his classic claims, protests and theatrical poses. And the referee showed him a direct red card in the 13th minute. Goodbye Ray Arturo behind the scenes. Vidal confirms: “I never thought they could kick me out. I didn’t see the player (Torres) ”, but the truth is that the Chilean footballer was facing the Ecuadorean defender, who luckily escaped being severely damaged.

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The image of Vidal’s reckless, dangerous and irresponsible movement has spread around the world. Almost unanimously, the planet’s press described the measure harshly. “El King left the field in the 13th minute after raising his right leg too much and hitting Ecuadorean defender Felix Torres, in a criminal kick that deserved a red card. In addition to the fact that he had no intention, referee Fernando Rapallini did not hesitate and was sent off directly on The steering wheel of Inter Milan, without the need for the intervention of the VAR.” first, from Argentina.

karate kick

the gate Infobae He said: “The midfielder raised his leg more than enough, and in a jump similar to that of a karate fighter, he dealt a severe slap on the shoulder to Felix Torres, who reached the ball first. Such irresponsible behavior on the part of one of the captains of the team led by Uruguayan Martin Lasarte was punished by his expulsion by referee Fernando Rapallini.

as trade, from Lima, “Arturo Vidal recklessly entered against an Ecuadorean defender and the match referee, without hesitation, showed him the red card. The king did not measure the distance with his opponent and gave him a terrible kick in the face.”

And in Italy where Vidal plays for Inter, how did you see him kick Felix Torres? The main media was not indifferent to the brazen violation by the Chilean.

fatal flying kick

Corriere dello Sport He described the work as a “fatal intervention”. The Romanian newspaper referred to Vidal as the “negative hero” of the match that Chile lost to Ecuador on the fourteenth date of the Qatar match.

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as Gazzetta dello sport, from Milan, what happened in Santiago was “a nightmare for Chile’s global aspirations. Vidal and Alexis Sanchez lost in the first half an hour, the first due to a crazy flying kick and the second due to a muscle problem.” (Dr)