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40 injured after school bus overturns in Bronx

40 injured after school bus overturns in Bronx

40 people were injured in the overturning A school bus in the Bronx. Officials said the incident took place on Thursday morning.

The bus was traveling north on Hutchinson River Parkway when the driver exited the center lane and attempted to get off at Bruckner Boulevard West Exit 1a when it overturned, police said.

No children were on board, but 40 people, including the bus driver, suffered minor injuries and three were seriously injured, the NYPD told the New York Post on Thursday afternoon.

“The bus transported drivers and participants to the city’s summer school and camp program for 110,000 schoolchildren,” said Mayor Eric Adams. Summer is coming,” the Post wrote.

Schools principal David Banks said morning and afternoon bus routes may be affected for the summer program.


“The safety of every member of our community is our priority and fortunately there were no major injuries in this morning’s bus crash in the Bronx,” Banks said. “This incident involved employees of one of the DOE’s contracted transportation providers – no students were on the bus.”

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