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Zuckerberg released a new update for screenshots

Zuckerberg released a new update for screenshots


Don’t take screenshots! Mark Zuckerbergthe facebook creator And therefore goal He explained The importance of privacy within your messaging apps as they are The WhatsAppand Instagram and Messenger. So it will launch a file new update.

No more screenshots?

Within these applications There are options that allow users to send encrypted messages. This refers to the fact that it is only available for a short time or that it can only be viewed as long as it remains in this format.

The reason for offering these options It is to provide greater privacy for users in their conversations. However, Screenshots are counterproductive for these options. and for this, Mark Zuckerberg decided to take action on the matter.

Facebook and Meta Creator will launch soon one Selection what or what Let users know when one The interlocutors of the conversation took a screenshot. This way the other user You will receive a notification to warn you Your messages have been captured.

This way, the user will be able to ask the other person for clarifications or disconnect directly. Zuckerberg They also announced the addition of GIFS, stickers and reactions within encrypted messages. This update It will start for the messenger But it can also be transferred to The WhatsApp and Instagram.

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