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Una 'startup' noruega presenta un futurista coche eléctrico de 8 plazas y 1.000 kilómetros de autonomía (VIDEO)

A Norwegian startup introduces a futuristic electric car with 8 seats and 1,000 kilometers of autonomy (VIDEO)


February 12 2022 10:31 GMT

The Fresco XL will be equipped with a bi-directional charging system that will make it a backup unit in the event of a power shortage, such as during a power outage.

Fresco Motors, a Norwegian technology start-up focused on developing electric vehicles, has unveiled its first model. This is the Fresco XL, a cross between a sedan and a truck that promises nearly 1,000 kilometers of autonomy thanks to an “extra large battery pack”.

With a futuristic and simple design, this vehicle offers enough space for eight passengers. Each axle will contain an electric motor to ensure better traction on slippery roads and make it suitable for off-road, as well as “aerodynamic” tires “to ensure high energy efficiency,” according to the Release.

The company, named after the American futurist and social engineer Jack Fresco, did not provide detailed technical data for this SUV crossover. However, it was announced that it will be equipped with a bi-directional charging system, which will allow to supply power to other devices. This makes it a backup unit in the event of a power shortage, for example during a power outage.

The Fresco XL can now be booked on the company’s website with a deposit of 1,000 euros ($1,135) and an estimated final cost of 100,000 euros ($113,000).

Despite the predictions this car has generated, experts view the initiative with caution and skepticism because, until now, little has been known about Fresco Motors since 2019, when it introduced the design of an electric sedan that ultimately never saw the light of day. In this regard, its CEO, Espin Kvalvik, said, to explain During the pandemic, they chose to “modernize” their proposal and move from “traditional design to very futuristic design”.

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However, only digital images of the Fresco XL have been revealed, which means that a working prototype does not exist yet. Additionally, no dates or other information regarding its production have been announced. According to the gate inevsAlthough his arrival seems more credible, it is difficult to assess how serious these plans are.

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