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Why is Venus the hottest planet if it is farthest from the sun?

Why is Venus the hottest planet if it is farthest from the sun?

With the help of a specialist, we will tell you the reasons why Venus is the hottest planet, although it is not the closest to the Sun.

Venus Not the closest planet to sunHowever, yes It is the hottest in the solar system. might think that Mercury It should occupy this position, because this is the one that is located a few kilometers less than the star. Somehow, terms Venus They steal this record. Why is this happening?

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To understand the reasons why Venus is a world with high temperatures, we spoke with Dr. Alejandro Farah Simon, member of the Astronomy Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the University Space Program (PEU). That was what he said National Geographic in Spanish.

Why is Venus the hottest planet if it is farther from the Sun than Mercury?

Why Venus stand out like The hottest planet in the solar systemit is necessary to review its composition atmospheres. This consists, in more than one 96%l Carbon Dioxide. In abundance follows nitrogenwith more than 3%. The rest is made up of other gases, eg sulfur dioxide, argon and even water vapor.

“he Excess carbon dioxide on the flower Makes the heat come from sun get stuck on this planet. This is known as Global Warmingmiso which causes the average temperature of that world to be more than 450 degrees Celsiusabout three times as much MercuryThe expert explains.

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because of the same gas, The greenhouse effect also occurs on Earth, but by a large margin and luck. This is because there is Carbon Dioxide in it blue planet barely 0.04%. There is no doubt about that Earth’s atmosphere It plays an essential role so that there is a balance in the energies that allow the propagation lifeas we know it.

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the Venusian atmospheric density It is such that it is useless to observe its surface directly. As hard as that makes this planet to explore, yes Maps have been created for her With the help of radars in the sensors that orbited.


Something small, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system Because of the chemical composition of the atmosphere, its density and the extreme greenhouse effect.

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