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Why does the internet slow in Cuba when there are long blackouts?

Why does the internet slow in Cuba when there are long blackouts?

Many users in Cuba rightly question and are bothered by poor Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity from their cell phones, with widespread power outages on the island. It happens everywhere, not in a particular place. Why does the internet slow in Cuba when there are long blackouts? This was answered by ETECSA in Matanzas.

According to the Telebandera broker, in Cárdenas, Matanzas, a lot of people are upset with their internet situation, which is being paid very dearly, when the electricity goes out in Cárdenas. So they agreed with the carrier to explain what was happening.

“When there is an effect in the electrical flow, the Radiobases automatically switch to the backup batteries to continue sending a signal,” Jesus Bethencourt, head of the ETECSA Communications Center in Cardenas, explained to the aforementioned broker.

“These batteries have a maximum usage life of two to three hours, which keeps the mobile network active,” he adds.

Explanation by ETECSA in Cuba bad internet with black

He continued, “When the power outage lasts for more than 5 to 6 consecutive hours, in the past week, the batteries are discharged and are not recharged until two hours after the electrical service is restored.”

“When this happens (the batteries are discharged) the backup systems stop sending a signal and the mobile devices have to use other antennas further away within the same city, causing more traffic for the antenna to be turned on and slowing down the network. The amplitude of this point is saturated, which must withstand Carry extra connection,” he adds.

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The lack of electricity also affects mobile and fixed-line coverage in some parts of the city and this is the case in the rest of the island.

ETECSA was reminded this week at the national level that access to online services is now through www.etecsa.cu Manage from the comfort of your own home: Top up your Nauta and Nauta Hogar accounts, consult and pay your phone bill, purchase plans and packages, PIN and PUK information.