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Who is the Chilean investor who wants to buy success - business - economy

Who is the Chilean investor who wants to buy success – business – economy

The Success group On Monday, it denied that the owners were in the process of negotiating a sale, after a Brazilian newspaper Estadaw He indicated that the signature Syncosud It was among the most picked for acquisition purchase.

After consulting with its major shareholder, the Brazilian distribution company, The Exito directives referenced in correspondence sent to Financial Supervision “There are no talks or discussions going on to sell the asset in Colombia at the moment.”

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It is the Chilean Business Group Syncosud (Centros Comerciales Sudamericanos SA), located in Colombia through the Jumbo supermarket chain, among others, is listed as one of the most popular options for staying with its closest retail competitor, Stores of successAccording to a report by a Brazilian newspaper Estadaw.

Syncosud It is a Chilean business association with operations in several South American countries, including Colombia, and is run by businessman Horst Pullman.

In 1976, Jumbo, The The first hypermarket in Chile, In the northeast sector of Santiago, and years later I did so in Buenos Aires.

The Success It is by far the largest supermarket chain in the country. Group sales in 2019 totaled 11.7 billion pesos, while Cencosud’s sales in the same year were 3.9 billion pesos.

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For its part, success profits It came to 57.6 billion pesos, while Syncosud It recorded a loss of $ 51 billion in 2019.

According to the balance sheets reported to the Companies Control Authority, the assets of the Colombian supermarket chain It surpassed 13.5 billion pesos that year, that of Snkosud They totaled 5.6 trillion.

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