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Parecidos razonables. Ambos batazos jonrones, por encima de 440 pies por el jardín izquierdo en Minute Maid Park como visitantes, por ende, contra los Astros. Ambos en postemporada y causantes de tres anotaciones

Who did it better? MONSTRUOSO HONRÓN reissued by Jorge Soler by Albert Pujols in Houston – SwingCompleto

Written by Jerry Diaz / @Jerryto94

Reasonable similarities. Both runs at home, more than 440 feet down left field in Minute Maid Park on the road, thus against the Astros. In both postseason and causing three prolapse.

I’m talking about managing the house for Albert Pujols and Jorge Soler. That which the Cuban obtained on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 in the sixth game of the World Championship, exactly 16 years and 16 days after the Dominican game in The fifth game of the 2005 championship series.

Albert Pujols saved the Cardinals

Pujols’ home run is greatly remembered even though his team ended up losing in the series, but not in that game. Specifically, the Dominican legend prevented the Astros from celebrating their transition to the world championship on Monday night in front of their fans.

The locals came in and won the ninth game by four touchdowns by two. Brad Ledge opened that inning for the first two hitters, John Rodriguez and John Mabry. The party was ready.

However, in one of the most epic responses in memory, the cardinals turned around. David Eckstein’s single The Outing to Jim Edmonds allowed the Pujols to get into the jumble chest. The Dominicans struck a massive blow to the left estimated to have traveled up to 455 feet (remember that was 10 years before the StatCast arrived).

Then Jason Isringhausen was responsible for passing the Thunderbolt in the bottom nine, forcing them to play a game of 6 in St. Louis. That last game the Houston boys took with a five-to-one roster and went to the World Championships where they fell by a wide margin.

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Kicked by Jorge Soler off the field

Soler put his team ahead and had massive success in Houston in the first half. Habanero opened the scoring with a run of 446 feet (according to StatCast, now yes) and an exit speed of 109.6 mph.

For this Tuesday’s challenge, it was decided to play with the roof open at Minute Maid Park and this allowed us to see how the ball left the field!

To see more details about Soler’s main race, you may be interested in: Bosso La Cray: Jorge Soler flew home off the pitch

Let’s enjoy both hits.

Runs Jorge Soler’s home in Minute Maid Park in his career season: 2

Runs Jorge Soler’s Home in Minute Maid Park in Post-Season Career: 2

Runs home Albert Pujols in Minute Maid Park in his career season: 33

He runs Albert Pujols’ home in Minute Maid Park in the post-season: 2