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When will it arrive on your mobile phone?

When will it arrive on your mobile phone?

Android 15 will have two preview versions for developers and four beta versions before the final version arrives

Android 15 logo, the new version of Google's operating system

Android 15 is now official. With the arrival of the first developer preview build, which can be installed on compatible devices starting today, Google marks the beginning of a program lasting several months, during which it will work to develop The next big update for your operating system.

he The release of the final version of Android 15 is still far away. It's very likely that the first phones to receive the update will have to wait until End of the third quarter of the yearOr early quarter so it can be installed.

Until that time comes, we will witness the arrival Various intermediate versions That would make up the final edition through Various changes and improvements. Let's see how many of these updates we can expect.

This is how Android 15 is planned: two “developer previews” and four beta builds

As usual with every first launch Developer look From the new version of Android, Google has also Published your layout. Thanks to her we know this There will be two previous versions for developers. The first, launched on February 16, and the other will arrive in March.

Android 15 update schedule

Android 15 preview software update schedule

Once the period expires Developer lookGoogle will start Experimental phase In April, the door will be opened to a larger number of users through Android beta program. We know that Android 15 will have four beta versionsThe first in April, the second in May, the third in June, and the fourth in July.

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Will be May be updatedwhich will coincide with the celebration of Google I/O 2024, which It will offer the bulk of new features. During its developer conference, Google will also take the opportunity to talk about the major changes that will come with the new version of the system.

With June and July target updates Stabilize the platformeliminating all errors and Bugs Which can still be left over from previous versions. It is very likely that during this period intermediate versions will be released (Beta 3.1, Beta 3.2, etc.).

It will be between August and September (barring surprises) when Google releases the release The final version of Android 15. At that time, devices compatible with the update (all Pixel phones from 6 and 6 Pro) will receive the update via OTA, and right after that the rest of the manufacturers will start working on bringing the update to their phones. It is very likely that brands such as Samsung, Nothing, OPPO, Xiaomi and OnePlus will be among the first companies to update their latest models, as happened with previous versions of the system.

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