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WhatsApp Web trick to enable 'dark mode'

WhatsApp Web trick to enable ‘dark mode’

This time we will teach you how to enable a program from Whatsapp Web “Dark mode” or “night mode” on a computer, because for many this is much better than putting it in normal mode and even more comfortable.

It is worth noting that The dark road WhatsApp Web can bring great benefits and today here we tell you how to activate it step by step, it is really simple.

As you will notice, WhatsApp Web is an extension a tool It allows you to use WhatsApp on the computer.

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And if you are someone who spends most of the time on the desktop and hates searching for a smart mobile device to be able to read a WhatsApp message, then there is no doubt this extension is for you.

It should be noted that WhatsApp Web allows you to read, send and receive messages directly from a laptop or PC.

Plus it allows you to change the web’s appearance to dark mode and here on Show News we tell you how to do it step by step.

As mentioned earlier, configuring WhatsApp Web on a computer is very simple and the visual interface is similar to that of a mobile device.

So, whether you find yourself typing a message from a device or from the web, everything remains the same.

  • To enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web, you must first go to ‘Settings’.
  • The option will be found inside the three-dot icon, next to the new web chat icon.
  • From there, select “Subject”.
  • Then a small window with “Light”, “Dark” and “System Default” options will appear on your screen.
  • Select “Dark” to enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web.
  • If your system theme is also set to dark mode, you can also select the “default system” option.
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And voila, now you should be able to enjoy the dark mode on WhatsApp Web and if it does not suit your taste, you can return to the lighting mode using the same process and choosing the theme of the lighting mode.

On the other hand, after months of development, WhatsApp has started launching calls and video calls to some users on WhatsApp Web.

The novelty makes it easy to use on large screens, and thus provides more options for viewing conversations in the app.

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This is how users who have selected the app now have two new buttons at the top of the conversation screen, with icons similar to those in the mobile version, and each has a “beta” stamp, highlighting that the tool is still tests.

It is worth noting that the video chat function serves both to initiate a call and receive calls on WhatsApp Web.

When a contact calls a video call, the app displays a warning in a separate window, allowing you to answer or reject the call.

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Additionally, the call screen also functions prominently in the main window, allowing you to perform other tasks while chatting in the app, and the traditional camera and microphone buttons are available in the floating window.

However, according to WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp Web video calling feature was released to a small number of users in its beta program, with priority given to the WhatsApp Desktop app, and it is not expected to be available to all users.

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This WhatsApp Web tool is still under development and is expected to evolve over the days.

As we mentioned earlier here on Show News, it is not yet known when this feature will officially arrive on Windows and Mac.