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WhatsApp: The most important changes coming to the application

WhatsApp: The most important changes coming to the application

Within these modifications there are changes not only in the interface, but also in the way of interacting with the application.

New WhatsApp features. Photo: Reuters

WhatsApp It brings more and more newsAmong this possibility is the ability to “read” voice messages through a page that does not copy them, but in addition to this new function, others come.

the page WABetaInfo Announced changes being developed for the Meta instant messaging app. Within these amendments The changes are present not only in the interface, but also in the way of interacting with the application.

WhatsApp.  Image: UnsplashWhatsApp. Image: Unsplash

Red WhatsApp Plus logo.  Photo: WABetaInfo.

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What modifications will WhatsApp make?

Protected chats: The app will have a function that will allow users to lock conversations and groups using a password.

Search in the news section: Among the future updates is the integration of a search engine within the news section, a tool that could be very useful for finding user channels and updates.

Intellectual property security: The latest iOS update revealed that the app will implement a privacy system to protect IP during calls.

Pinned messages: Just as it allows you to pin conversations so they’re easier to find, it will also be implemented in Messages.

Goodbye WhatsApp on October 24.  Image: UnsplashThe application will allow you to pin messages to find them faster. Image: Unsplash

More writing options: The application is preparing new formats within it to improve communication between users.

WhatsApp username: This will allow users to choose a name that others can find them by without needing their phone number to have a conversation.

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Copy channel links: This latest update is now available allowing users to copy links in channels to share in other chats or groups.

WhatsApp channels.  Image: WhatsApp blogWhatsApp channels. Image: WhatsApp blog .

They talked for a month, and the night they met, they killed him.  Image: Unsplash

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The new function that allows you to “read” voice messages

Very often an audio clip arrives in WhatsApp sometimes when you cannot hear it or simply do not want to hear it, but there is a solution for everything. The messaging app will implement a function that is perfect for these moments: artificial intelligence.

This new technological advancement has come to simplify various aspects of daily life, It will be part of one of WhatsApp’s many features to transcribe voice messages instantly.

For this it is necessary Enter the LuzIA website you allSelect the WhatsApp option. thenOpen the chat in the messaging app Once inside, Press and hold the message you want to copyAn option will appear Forward, choose this option And Send the message to LuzIAwhich will take only 1 second to copy the message.