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What does the green dot that appears on some mobile phones mean and what is its purpose?  – Teach me science

What does the green dot that appears on some mobile phones mean and what is its purpose? – Teach me science

One of the most common and lesser-known functions on Android mobile phones is the green dot that usually lights up at the top of the screen. Today we will reveal to you what is the purpose of this feature.

Technology has taken giant strides in terms of its advancement, with cutting-edge devices being created using the latest technology available to date. An example of this is smartphones, which have evolved since their invention into the devices we know today.

There are many companies that focus on this line of technology, smartphones, different brands, different models and different operating systems. Some of the phones that are more well-known than others, and among the phones most often considered when purchasing a mobile phone, are Android phones.

AndroidAs shown on the virtual platform xataka androidWell known as an operating system, it is based on Linux, which is a “free, cross-platform operating system kernel.” It is also worth noting that Android operates under the Google umbrella.

Now, the idea of ​​this same company, Google, was to add a specific function to mobile phones running Android operating systems. A green light or dot that turns on and off on certain occasions, and this green dot is important when you really know its purpose.

This green dot is the result of better control over the user's privacy, as this function is activated at times such as when talking on the phone, when taking a photo, when recording audio, among other situations.

Image credit: La Verdad Noticias

The purpose of this green light being on is to indicate that some audio-visual function is being used, whether it is the camera, microphone, or speaker. It is a sensor that is activated when we use any audio or video tools.

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It is normal to see how this green light is activated when we are doing things, talking on the phone, using the camera, recording the sound of something, when we are in the middle of a video call. However, when it is activated when you are not using your cell phone or when you are not using any of the mentioned functions already, it is a warning sign.

If the green dot on the cell phone is activated without us, it means that they have some kind of malware that is violating your privacy, or even that an application you downloaded is using the functions of your device without your permission.

If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend that you review the permissions you grant to apps, or delete apps that you don't recognize, so you can get rid of apps running in the background stealing your information.

That's why we should pay attention to this green light on our Android devices, because it may warn us if someone is violating our privacy and security. Another example of Google doing its best to maintain default security for its users.

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