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: Well-being and Emotional Health on Giftedness Day 2021 ::

: Well-being and Emotional Health on Giftedness Day 2021 ::


Well-being and emotional health in Talent Day 2021

On May 18, don’t miss the live TalentDay 2021 broadcast from the Reina Sofía Museum

04/28/2021 TalentDay 2021, to be held on May 18 in the format of a hybrid of Auditoriums 400 and 200 at the Reina Sofía, will be an exciting edition looking to a sustainable future. With the claim: “Start Over: Approaching the New Future of Talents and Institutions”, without a doubt, TalentDay 2021 will be a great opportunity to learn, discuss and share the challenges and opportunities of the most humane and sustainable future. Flexible, committed and inclusive organizations

Finally arrives Talent Day 2021 To bring together managers and human resource managers in large companies to discuss and reflect on the latest trends in human resources. Sign up for Talent Day 2021 Hear the 63 speakers who will give voice to the event in 15 roundtables and 12 fast talks.

Under the slogan Starting Over: Approaching the New Future of Talents and InstitutionsOn Talent Day, we will discuss how to re-understand teams, build a better future, and unite all the good in technology and people into more humane, sustainable, resilient, committed and inclusive organizations.

Well-being and emotional health under discussion

In the wake of the pandemic, wellness and emotional health have become a top priority for most companies. And this is not surprising, because if COVID-19 teaches us something, it is the importance of caring for well-being and health, especially in the workplace. So, on May 18th on Talent Day 2021, we will be discussing this issue that has worried our HR department this past year.

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The different debates will take place simultaneously in the halls of the Reina Sofia Museum. In Hall 400 (1) Running Susanna Torell, Director of People and Welfare at ENAGAS; Christina Ordonez, Director of Health and Wellness at REPSOL; Javier SanzDELOITTE’s Director of Medical Services will tell us about,Health and well-being, a top priority Where health and well-being will be dealt with at the center of the People Management Strategy. All this is subject to supervision Elena Vidal, Director of Healthcare Services and Quality at SEGURCAIXA ADESLAS.

In Hall 200 (2) running We will have the opportunity to find out an opinion Cristina de las Morinas, Director of Human Resources at GRUPO GSS; Patricia Recio, Learning & Experience Director and VERISURE SECURITAS DIRECT; Y Daniel Torres, CAIXABANK BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & CAIXABANK NEX HR ARE IN THE DISCUSSIONEmotional health and digital care. ” An opportunity to learn about disruptive and digital initiatives in employee emotional care. Presented by Jaime Pastorin, Business Development Manager at VITALY (PREVING GROUP).

Also in Auditorium 200 (2) running We will talk about “Luxury revolution Where innovative employee health and wellness experiences are provided. We’ll know an opinion Palmyra Garcia, Director of Talent and Leadership at CALIDAD PASCUAL; Andres Aribas, Head of E-Health at GRUPO MÁSMÓVIL; s Laura Revilla, HR Manager at MCDONALD’S. All of this is managed by Laura Rodriguez, Head of Corporate Business District at iSALUD.

All this is possible thanks to the sponsorship of companies like Adeslas, Aon, BTS, Cegos, Cornerstone, ESIC, “Meta4, A Cegid Company”, Naturgy, PeopleMatters, Randstad, SIT, Sodexo, Armonia, Atisa, Imán, Integra, iSalud.com, Personio, Grupo Preving, Chiron, SAP Seresco, Wagestream, Imán, Binnakle, Infova, Innopulse, Odilo, Grupo P&A, SmartCex, Speexx, Talentia, Trentia, Wolters Kluwer.

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Consult the full program for Talent on the 21st, Here

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