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We have a champion!  In a crazy match, Guticalpa wins the overall promotional league title over Independiente

We have a champion! In a crazy match, Guticalpa wins the overall promotional league title over Independiente


Jose Humberto Rivera He’s an old fox and he showed it again. In an amazing final match Juticalpa FC He was declared champion of Opening 2023 Follower League to rise of to Honduras After a 4-4 (6-4 aggregate) draw against Independiente de Siguatepeque.

The overall score in the series was decided in the first leg thanks to a controversial 2-0 scoreline in which the Black Panthers did not consider the goal to be correct.

Minute by minute of the Liga de Ascenso final: Guticalba is the new champion after a goal display against Independiente

from here, Juticalpa Having become champions, FC has now set foot in the National League and next season will be looking for champions to return to the highest tier of Honduran football.

In Independiente’s case, it was a splash in cold water, and once again they were left without winning the title. His fans responded by arriving in droves at the Roberto Martínez Avila Stadium in Siguatpeque.

Crazy at first

challenge Jose Humberto Rivera against Wilmer Cruz The bench generates high expectations and they did not disappoint this Saturday night as it was a truly great game.

From the first whistle, that was it Juticalpa FC The person who was responsible for ending and manifesting the dream of Independiente de Siguatepeque.

In only the 8th minute, in a miserable failure by the goalkeeper Ariel Valladaresthe introduction Raul Benitez During the visit, he scored an accidental goal after a wrong shot.

Experienced Jesse Moncada and again Raul Benitez They increased the score in favor of the Canichiros in the 18th and 20th minutes of the first half. Yes, in just 20 minutes the score was 3-0 in favor of Juticalpa.

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Independiente, whose self-confidence was damaged, scored through Argentine Alvaro Klusner in the 23rd minute.


In the second half, Juticalpa He took possession of the ball against an opponent who was looking to get close to the scoreboard to have little hope of adding excitement to the game.

At the age of sixty, Anael Agurcia The local resident sent the ball into the back net and scored the second goal for the Black Panthers.

The Kaneshiro were responsible for eliminating Wilmer Cruz’s men from the 70th minute as he was present again Jesse Moncada.

Just when the visit seemed to be a success, she arrived Henry Romero Independiente to avoid defeat for his team, even though he did not adapt to win the title.

Former player L Marathon He scored in the 81st and 90th minutes, making the score 4-4.

The final whistle arrived and Juticalpa FC were declared champions of the inaugural 2023 tournament of the Liga de Ascenso in one of the best finals in recent years.

data sheet:

Independent of Siguatpeque: Ariel Valladares, Giovanni Castillo, Jaxer Montoya (Jared Velasquez) (82), Marvin Barrios (Aldo Oviedo) (74), Elias Elver, Kendrick Carcamo (Denilson Castillo) (16), Eric Arias, Cesar Vazquez, Cholby Martinez (Henry Romero) ). ) (74), Guillermo Chavasco (Gerson Cabrera) (46) and Alvaro Klausner.

DT: Wilmer Cruz

Juticalpa FC: Jose Pineda, Juan Capoleto, Mario Moncada, Hermes Castillo, David Mendoza, Carlos Alvarado, Nessie Sauceda (Oscar Salas) (90 +1), Jesse Moncada, Eder Mendes (Oscar Rosales) (71), Rodrigo de Oliveira and Raul Benitez (Juan Arezo) (78).

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DT: Jose Humberto Rivera.

to rule: Hector Rodriguez.