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Vilmos visited the construction of the new center dedicated to biodiversity conservation in Misiones

Vilmos visited the construction of the new center dedicated to biodiversity conservation in Misiones

The Federal Program “Building Science” continues to strengthen the infrastructure of the scientific and technological system throughout the national territory. On this occasion, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Vilmos, visited the province of Misiones, to learn more about how the new building of the Inter-Institutional Center for Subtropical Research in Misiones (CIIS) is progressing, which requires an investment of $967 million pesos. The building will seek to generate and transfer scientific knowledge in basic and applied biology, focusing on studies related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of natural and cultural resources in the region, and to demonstrate the inter-institutional capacities of CONICET, the National University of Misiones (UNaM) and the National Parks Administration (APN). . The Ministry’s Undersecretary for Institutional Coordination, Pablo Nunez, participated in the opening. UNaM Dean, Alicia Boren; National Director of the Agency for State Property Management (AABE), Daniel Salvatore; Director of the Institute of Subtropical Biology (IBS), Anna Honvey; and APN Conservation Director, Pablo Perozpe.

During the opening, Vilmos stressed: “When there is a common goal, it is worth the efforts to achieve it” and reviewed the path through which a tour of the works of new buildings for science and technology in the region will be conducted. “The first idea was a science union. In one’s efforts one satisfies a need or demand; In general, when demands are met, procedures are easy, and those who demand are those who have the most (such as lobby groups, large corporations, and urban centers). Whoever manages has discretion in decision-making and financing, and discretion lies where it is needed most. At this point we seek to reverse the investment in Norte Grande into CyT. Everything invested in science two years ago was 2.5%, and this year we closed it at 25%. “We are proud that it is this way, and perhaps it is less visible, but this is the work we have to do.” It should be noted that the Minister, taking advantage of his visit to the province, toured the new headquarters of the Institute of Subtropical Biology (IBS, UNaM – CONICET) in Puerto Iguazu.

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For his part, Nunez indicated, “We are working to resolve a lawsuit that has been ongoing for many years. IBS had an infrastructure deficit and it was an achievement to be able to respond to this problem, thanks to the generosity of UNaM, the National Parks and ABBE, that a year later work was able to begin. It represents a new challenge that three institutions in the same field face regional challenges and common goals. We have to look at what we need to do in the system to have a greater impact on the region. The Undersecretary urged us to think about “how to continue federalism within the governorates and link capabilities in the regions and governorates.”

At the same time, Bohren said, “Having the right amenities for research on important topics like biodiversity, ecosystem, and climate change. The presence of our Minister represents a federal perspective on the allocation of science and technology resources, allowing the university to grow,” the coalition of organizations involved highlighted.

Present were the authorities of UNaM, the Deans of the Faculty of Forestry Sciences, Fabian Romero; From the College of Engineering, Maria Deacon; From the College of Arts and Design, Yvonne Aquino, and the Secretary General of Science and Technology, Pedro Zapata; Written by AABE, National Director of Physical Asset Management, Karen Hochman, and Director of Asset Design and Planning, Silvina Martinez (AABE).

CIIS opportunity in the province
There will be 2,000 square meters of surface dedicated to promoting biodiversity conservation. The Province of Misiones concentrates more than 50% of its species in a small area of ​​national territory. The forest represents a major carbon reservoir and provides a great deal of ecosystem services to local communities.

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In this sense, the establishment of this center will significantly enhance the institutions’ capacities to strengthen the presence of the Argentine University in the Tri-Border, through the establishment of a permanent headquarters for the United Nations University in Puerto Iguazu; Strengthening the human resources of CONICET-UNaM-APN through strategic academic and research proposals for this area, strengthening cooperation with national public organizations, giving priority to the maintenance of protected natural areas.