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Video: Army artillery in a dynamic front exercise in Germany

Video: Army artillery in a dynamic front exercise in Germany

MACA has published the SIAC Application

Field Artillery Keys Exercise Dynamic Front 21

The Field Artillery Command (MACA) From Earth Army In May, he participated in the exercise dynamic front In Germany with a howitzer battery 155/52 SIAC and a unit of about 60 soldiers, the majority of whom belong to Field Rocket Launcher 63rd Artillery Regiment (Ralca 63).

The main objective was the testimony of Spain as a member of society ASCA (Artillery Systems Collaboration Activities), which means proving that the Spanish command and control system for fire support talosDeveloped by the company GMV, can interact with Allied forces, through a portal (ASCA).

On the occasion of this spread, Infodefensa.com Submit a report with MACA Share Keys مفاتيح In this exercise, he details the transfer of materials to Germany and the development of the maneuvers.

SIAC Howitzer

The sack It is a 155/52 howitzer manufactured by Santa Barbara Systems On the Tropea Arms Factory acquired by the Army at the beginning of this century to renew and modernize artillery capabilities The Army has 82 units of this howitzer: 16 Model 155/52 V07In service in coastal artillery units and 66 of the 155/52 . variant sack, used in field artillery units.

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