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Updated prices in dollars of Cuban passports and other immigration procedures

Updated prices in dollars of Cuban passports and other immigration procedures

Resolution 8/2023 recently published in the Official Gazette of Cuba renews consular fees after the new entry into force. Migration activities Minrex announced.

This regulation establishes consular rights applicable to the services provided by Cuban consular offices and rules regarding consular fees and procedures for its application.

In this sense, it updates the consular fees charged so that they correspond to the adopted migration measures and unifies in a single resolution all the rules regarding the consular fee and the procedures for its application.

According to the information in the resolution, “Consular fees are charged taking into account the rates established in the fees set in US dollars or euros.”

Heads of Cuban diplomatic missions, where there are embassies, consulates or consular units, diplomatic offices or units of interest, are responsible for the correct use of fees and compliance with the rules.

Therefore, Heads of Mission and Consular Officers are prohibited from increasing or decreasing the rights established in this tariff.

How much does a Cuban passport cost outside of Cuba in 2023? Next, established fees to be collected at Cuban consular sections of immigration procedures.

Consular fees Immigration procedures at Cuban embassies

1.Registration in consular register or certificate of registration (issuance of card or certificate of consular registration or its copy: 10 USD, 12 EUR, $20 in US)

  1. Passport Applications:
  2. a) First time, renewal or loss (over 16 years, 10 years validity): 180 (USD, EUR).
  3. b) First time, renewal or loss (under 16 years, 5 years validity): 140 (USD, EUR).
  4. c) Temporary: 80 USD, 70 EUR, $100 in US.
  5. Travel and transit document: 80 USD, 70 EUR, $100 in US.
  6. Extension of Stay Abroad:
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– For each month of stay abroad: 40 USD, 40 EUR, $150 in US.

  1. Travel extension (this amount is charged regardless of the time the extension is approved): $40 USD, $40 EUR and $40 in the US.
  2. Passport visas or flying visas: 55 USD, 55 EUR, 50 USA.
  3. Tourist Card:
  4. a) Sale of blank tourist card: 10 USD, 17 EUR, 50 in US.
  5. b) Filled by consular officer: 15 USD, 22 EUR, 50 in US.
  6. Enabling Cuban Citizens to Enter the Country:
  7. a) When traveling with a foreign passport: 80 USD, 80 Euro, 130 in USA.
  8. Change in type of migration:
  9. a) For application before consular officer: 80 (in USD, EUR, USA).
  10. b) To provide change of category: 20 USD, 25 EUR or 20 in US.