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Tips and offers for Black Friday purchases on Amazon

Tips and offers for Black Friday purchases on Amazon

The giant of online sales, from the United States and the world, Amazon is prepared for the “Black Friday” shopping week that has already begun, but in addition to offers and discounts, it also offers tips to avoid scams at a time when attempts of this kind are increasing.

According to a report by the Spanish press, logistics centers in Europe are prepared, with everything, with the necessary stock for one of the most important weeks of shows of the year. Big brands like Nike, Adidas, Apple, Gucci, etc. are already sending their products, so they can be distributed worldwide from Amazon.

Amazon’s Black Friday week gives you the opportunity to boost your Christmas shopping and do so with rock-bottom prices and fast delivery, even on the same day.

Black Friday week, which begins on Amazon on November 17 and continues until Monday the 27th of this month, is a unique opportunity to anticipate Christmas shopping by taking advantage of hundreds of thousands of offers in all categories. We want customers to be able to store and receive their purchases easily and conveniently at the address they prefer He pressesDaniel Arenas, Head of Retail Merchandising at Amazon Europe.

Tips to avoid Black Friday scams

Actually in Amazon there are offers Up to 45% off select products across categories including Electronics, Toys, Home, Fashion, Beauty and Appliances from Amazon. For example, there are tablets from the company that start at $74.

Some of the company’s tips for buyers on these dates are: Always use official Amazon channels. If you need to contact customer service, technical support, or modify your account, do so through the mobile app or the official Amazon website.

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Don’t let fake emergencies pressure you either, as scammers want you to act quickly and without thinking. Do not pay or give personal information over the phone.

“Amazon will never ask you over the phone for information about your payment method, including gift cards for products or services,” they say.

Likewise, they advise you to always check links. “Look for misspellings or duplicate characters. Go directly to Amazon.com when you require assistance with Amazon devices/services, orders, or to change your account.