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TikTok has grown tired of vertical videos and is now seeking to be like YouTube

TikTok has grown tired of vertical videos and is now seeking to be like YouTube

The company will highlight creators who choose long-form horizontal video.

Latest An evolution in TikTok strategy It can be interpreted literally. The company, known for short vertical videos, now wants creators to pay more attention to YouTube and other platforms and create longer, horizontal videos.

Several creators with millions of followers received messages in the app this week urging them to create horizontal videos longer than one minute with the promise that… TikTok will promote them more aggressively in its algorithm. The recommendation is to access accounts that have been on the platform for more than three months, with two exceptions: Videos may not be advertisements or political propaganda.

In return, the social network agrees to display it to a larger number of users within a 72-hour period. Motivation which is key to continuing to grow in audience Inside the platform. The For You tab, which mixes videos posted by accounts you follow but also recommendations from new users, is the best way for creators to reach new audiences and negotiate better advertising deals or receive more money from TikTok if they're part of a grant. Content Creators Program.

This action is not the first step that TikTok, which was born as an app focused on short videos focused on music and dance but has become one of the most influential social networks, has taken in this direction. In recent years, administrators have tried to convince content creators to upload longer videos and Content up to 30 minutes is now allowed, in some cases.

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The goal is to fight head-to-head with the online video giant, YouTube, which is currently the platform of choice for the vast majority of creators. It is also the one with the largest number of advertisers and therefore the one that usually pays the most for views, and is one of the sources of income for influencers and YouTubers, especially when they are starting their careers and cannot negotiate agreements with brands on their own.

It should be noted, in any case, that YouTube also follows the same path. Although in the opposite direction. For a year, she has been trying to promote short videos in vertical format, which is what she calls it youtube shorts, As an alternative to TikTok videos, which often go viral and have a greater ability to engage an audience within the app.