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This will be the new format of the Premier League to erase the Champions League

This will be the new format of the Premier League to erase the Champions League


On Thursday, the A22 organization proposed a “new European open competition,” which includes “64 clubs divided into three leagues” in the men’s category and “32 clubs divided into two leagues” in the women’s category, after the European judiciary’s ruling on the Premier League.

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This structure, created in October 2022 after the failure of the first private tournament project in April 2021, says nothing about the calendar or the level of approval among European clubs, but promises the free publication of its competition “on the live streaming platform,” A22 offers in its text.

A22 estimates that the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) is putting an end to UEFA’s monopoly by invalidating the 2021 rules banning the Premier League and threatening sanctions on clubs promoting the project and footballers who can participate. In it, although UEFA reformulated this regulation in June 2022.

The organization is detailing a new project that is very different from the first edition of the Premier League introduced two years ago, as it will not have “any permanent members” and will operate on a system of promotions and relegation, with a “solidarity payments” clause. At least 400 million euros (about 440 million dollars) for European football.

In short, it is about erasing the main criticisms of the first project that considered the plan of the richest clubs to be modeled on closed leagues in North America, and returning to the characteristics of the “European sporting model” protected by treaties, with open competitions based on sporting merit and providing for financial redistribution.

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A22 added: “In the first year of the competition, the clubs will be selected based on a set of transparent criteria and based on the results,” explaining that the matches will be held in the middle of the week, to compete directly with the three competitions, which are: the clubs organized by the European Football Association (the European Champions League on Tuesdays Wednesdays, Europa League and Conference League on Thursdays).

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Financially, A22 promises that its platform “generates income thanks to advertising, premium subscriptions, distribution agreements, interactive services and sponsors,” without revealing which commercial partners are supporting the launch of the project.

-This will be what the Premier League looks like-

*64 teams.
*3 divisions (Star, Gold and Blue) with promotions and relegations.
*14 matches per season for each team.
*7 At home.
*7 out.
*The competition will be open
*Two stages: league and qualifiers.

– The first two leagues Star League and Golden Leagueeach of which has 16 clubs, instead Blue League It is made up of 32 clubs.

– a class On the basis of sporting merit No permanent members

Promotions and relegations Annually between tournaments. Reaching the Blue League will depend on performance in the national leagues.

– The clubs will play matches Home and Away In groups of 8 players, with a minimum of 14 matches per club per year.

– At the end of Season A The knockout stage will decide promotions And the champion clubs in each league.

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– There will be no more European matches than those already scheduled in the current competitions, and matches during the week They will not interfere with the National League calendar Weekends.

– In the first year of the competition, clubs will be selected based on a transparent criteria index Performance based.

– rules Financial sustainability and transparency They will be essential to ensuring fair competition between all participating clubs.