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"Esa cosa es todo dientes": Descubren una nueva especie de animal marino con ocho brazos armados con anzuelos y espinas

‘This thing is all teeth’: they discover a new species of marine animal with eight arms armed with hooks and thorns


June 17, 2021 13:40 GMT

It evolved from its closest living relative about 180 million years ago.

A group of researchers described A new type of starfish – an animal similar to a starfish – which was baptized “Ophiogora”, Communication This Thursday, Dr Tim O’Hara, Principal Curator for Museums Victoria (Australia) and lead author of the study, published In the Proceedings of the Royal Society b.

Scientists discovered the animal at the National Museum of Natural History in France 500m depth عمق On top of the offshore Mount Banc Durand, 200 km east of New Caledonia in the South Pacific Ocean.

The Ophiojura, unique in its kind, features eight long arms armed with a series of hooks and thorns. The expert explained that the detection of computerized microscopy Rows of sharp teeth In all the jaws that are supposed to catch and destroy their prey.

“If you find this creature, I would die“, announce To The New York Times Christopher Mah, a researcher at the US National Museum of Natural History and a starfish expert, who reviewed the article. “This thing is all teeth,” he added.

DNA analysis showed that the species evolved from nearly its closest living relatives 180 million years, between the Triassic and early Jurassic, when dinosaurs just appeared.

“Now we call them”ancient settlement’In other words, it was a branch of life that was once widespread and is now limited to a few areas. “In terms of seafloor life, the ancient center of consolidation is located in continental margins and in seamounts, in tropical waters 200-1,000 meters deep.”

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