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Así felicita el presidente Abinader  a las madres dominicanas en su día

This is how President Abenader congratulates Dominican mothers on their day

President Louis Abenader congratulated Dominican mothers on their day this Sunday, stressing the protection their mother always gives her and the example of a mother whose wife is Raquel Arbagy.

“The truest hug is what my mother gives me, the one who is always waiting for me with open arms ready to protect and comfort me at all times. As my son, I make sure that this protection is mutual and unconditional,” the head of state wrote on his Instagram account.

Abenader also expressed his love and highlighted the role model of his wife, First Lady Raquel Arbaji.

“I love you, Mommy, for being who you are with your children; and I love you, Raquel Arbaje, for becoming a role model for our daughters… Happy Dominican Mother’s Day,” she wrote on Instagram.

Then he posted on Twitter: “Today is a very special day for us Dominicans, we are celebrating Mother’s Day. Many will embrace their mother, and others will remember her from afar. Big hug to all Dominican mothers. Congratulations to my daughters’ raquelarbaje’s mother and my mother Sulla!”

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The first lady also used social media to congratulate Dominican mothers

“Today I would like to dedicate these words to Dominican mothers: They are fine! Although this phrase falls short when trying to describe the exceptional work that they are doing. That is why I invite you to enjoy this message together. Happy Mother’s Day,” Raquel Arbagy wrote on Twitter.

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