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This is Bogotá, a suburb of New Jersey, USA - the people - the culture

This is Bogotá, a suburb of New Jersey, USA – the people – the culture

What do you think if we compare our Bogota with this Bogota?” he said on his YouTube channel Influencers ‘Diego Ontario’ usually uploads travel content and places of interest.

Although most of his videos are from Colombia and Bogotá, Tour locations of Colombian soap operas, the tunnels of Avenida Jiménez, today Cici Aquapark and more; This time he went to America.

There, he visited a suburb named after the Colombian capital, some of whose campuses are associated with Cachaça and Latino culture. Is this a coincidence?

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How about Bogotá, a suburb of New Jersey?

It took more than two hours to reach Bogotá, a suburb of Diego, from New York City and cost $4.50 for intercity bus transportation. He had to take the New York subway and ferry to New Jersey.

In his opinion, it is similar to or reminiscent of the Santa Ana sector of the Colombian capital because of the large and beautiful houses he can see in the area.

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The municipality has a fire station, elementary schools, libraries and very well-organized streets full of large houses, additionally decorated with Latin culture, as its shops have names such as Carla Jimenez’s pastry shop and Santa Fe liquor store.

They even have a location that offers air conditioning repair services named after the former Mayor of Bogotá and Colombian President Pedro. He said youtuber, Being in this suburb feels like being in an affluent part of Bogotá or Chia.

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‘Diego Anderigo’ researches the history of the suburb and discovers that it has nothing to do with the Colombian capital. It was founded in 1894, and was named after the Bogert family, who came from Europe.

Still, would you visit this curiously named place?

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