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They make progress in the Yucatan stadium.  It will be ready in 2023

They make progress in the Yucatan stadium. It will be ready in 2023

Monterey, NL /

with the presence of Yucatan Governor Mauricio Villa Dosal, like him Mayor of Merida, Renan Barrera Concha, This Tuesday at the International Convention Center of Yucatan, the meeting was held that revealed some progress in Build the next sustainable stadium for the lions of Yucatan and Vinados.

It was September 9, 2020 when the governor of Yucatan announced the next construction of the new sustainable stadium, which is said to host sporting events, performances and social activities, in addition to his home. Professional baseball teams and the Expansion League team.

Today it was pointed out that the property will have a sustainable mode of transport, in addition, thanks to its location it will be possible to access pedestrians, by bike and public transport, and this stadium will serve as an anchor for a world-class urban distributor and will have jobs from the beginning of its construction until its opening, as it will be It has shops, 300 room hotel, thus it will be a show for global promotion.

“We are pleased to take another step today. Without a doubt this is a business that will be a catalyst in economic development, this is the great opportunity that the stadium provides for the colonies to improve and catch up with others. I thank my investors. This will be 24 months of construction, jobs in its construction, this stadium will allow for jobs when The stadium is being run,” Villa Dosal said.

This will be it The first sustainable stadium in Latin AmericaSpeaking of the structure, the roof of this stadium will be circular in honor of the Mayan ball match, and it will also have solar cells resembling the Mayan calendar.

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He will have the ability to Baseball matches for 23,000 fans, At the same time Football matches will allow an additional 4,000 peopleFor parties with a capacity of 32 thousand people.

“Today is an important and fundamental day in history, the last time a stadium was talked about in this city was almost 50 years ago, we are on a topic like this, they are changing our vision. We will have to hurry that it can be activated in 24 months. Congratulations, Thank you for your trust in Merida, in Yucatan, it is not a matter of business, if it is not a reflection of a joint action, then Yucatan is worth it,” said Barrera Concha, Mayor of Merida.

Construction is due to be completed in the spring of 2023, and this stadium will contain offices, restaurants, a museum and even hotel rooms, where those who are staying can watch matches from their balcony.

Information from JAIR RAMOS / TELEDIARIO