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They lean towards "Loretta Garza, the school teacher."

They lean towards “Loretta Garza, the school teacher.”

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The story that was written on the shores River Bravo On a hidden farm that was real; Now it is Corridor Laura Garza It is one of the most famous northern musicians, so users on social networks made this name popular when Saturday was from Teacher’s Day.

Loretta GarzaAnd the School teacher“The lyrics say, What a lot of people don’t know is that the story is true, she was already a teacher and her family members remember her fondly every May 15th.

Who was Loretta Garza?

Corridor speech with a pen Lalo Mora, With subtitles Raiders of Nuevo León It should have been named Laura Garza, but it actually happened April 1, 1954 It was with the protagonist called Maria Justina Cabrera GarciaOut of respect, they did not use his real name.

23-year-old Maria Justina decides to kill her boyfriend and kill her lifeAfter he learns of his partner’s infidelity and realizes that he will marry another woman.

Lalo Mora beats cancer

In 2020 he had to deal with it Covid-19 Which prompted him to stay in the hospital for 21 days and in 2021, Lalo Mora faced colon cancer and beat it.

On April 20, he was admitted to Angeles Valley Orient Hospital, but his relatives reported that doctors had eradicated the cancer.

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