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They denounced Rossello's use of a false address to vote in a special election

They denounced Rossello’s use of a false address to vote in a special election

Election Commissioner for Proyecto Dignidad (PD), Nelson RosarioToday, he denounced an alleged violation of the electoral law committed by the former governor, who is now one of the lobbyists for the establishment of the state, Ricardo Roscello.

At a meeting held in State Election Commission (Central and Eastern Europe), Rosario reported that Rosillo requested an early vote for the special elections last Sunday, using as his title a title in Guinabo that matches a house he sold in 2017.

This was confirmed by Commissioner of PD to Puerto Rico MetroAnd the Who added that this information is reflected in public documents.

Rosario explained that the data provided by Rosillo identifies Street J # 36 as his address. This, when searching for it in a portal Municipal Revenue Collection Center (a crime), “A generic description saying she sold it in March 2017.”

“This contravenes Articles 9.34, 9.35, 12.1 and 12.2 which talk about violations of election laws. This disables it to be representativeRosario said to this medium.

The PD Commissioner did not clarify whether the party would take legal action in Department of Justice For this alleged violation.

However, he indicated that after filing the complaint with the European Economic Committee, they were asked to go “on their own” and file the complaint.

On the other hand, the election commissioner said Puerto Rico Independence Party (PIP), Roberto Evan AponteSure Puerto Rico Metro He understands the “PD delegate’s suggestion according to the documents Meeza has provided”

As he said, the commissioners of the People’s Democratic Party and the Citizen Victory Movement have also joined the Democratic Party’s demand.

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