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They “caught” Alito Moreno in the middle of a nap and this is how he reacted

They “caught” Alito Moreno in the middle of a nap and this is how he reacted

The National President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party reacted to the photo that caused a stir on social networks Credit: X @vampipe

Alexander Alito Moreno CardenasNational President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Wild), he put aside the political agenda of the joke after the photo in which he appeared began to spread on social networks Sleep comfortably in an airplane seat.

The photo began to gain widespread popularity on social media on Friday. But details regarding the date and circumstances under which it was taken are unknown.

However, it created enough noise to reach the former governor of Campeche, who was not disturbed by it, but, on the contrary, received it with good humour.

“You always see me in Qing*, but At some point I have to sleep“, published on September 29 on his account X, previously Twitter.

Alito Moreno took the photo with humor (X/@alitomorenoc)

Immediately, sympathizers of the leader of the corporate revolution expressed their support in the comments box, with responses such as: “They’re used to seeing you always doing everything,” “I thought I wasn’t sleeping,” “It’s just that they’re used to it.” Weird because you’re always working all over the country” or “Those of us who know you know you’re always in trouble.”

But Moreno was not immune to criticism. Although his critics did not criticize him for taking a break, they took advantage of it He criticized his performance at the head of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Comments under this thread include: “It’s the most productive activity the PRI has done,” “Current politicians,” “Today’s PRI,” “A typical day for politics,” and “The result of our taxes.” , Misuse.”

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It is worth noting that in recent days the political party has lost its power in the Senate with the merger Novia Mayorgawho resigned in July, and Jorge Carlos Ramirez Marin To the bench Mexico’s Green Environmental Party (PVEM) is one of the allies of the National Renewal Movement (Brown woman).

There have recently been several resignations in the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Infobae México)

The former governor of the state of Mexico, Eruviel Avila, also recently left the Institutional Revolutionary Party, and a few days ago he admitted that there was a great possibility that he would join another political party, without excluding the Green Party.

The resignations in Tricolor came in the context of the dispute with the alliance with the National Action Party (bread) And based on Failure to agree to extend the mandate Moreno Cárdenas and Carolina Viggiano, Secretary General.

The national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party is not the only politician caught asleep. Months ago, lawmakers in Morena were seen sleeping.

They showed Felix Salgado sleeping in the middle of a Senate session (Photo: Twitter/letroblesrosa)

This was the case with the Senator Felix Salgado, Macedonianwho was shown resting peacefully in his seat while debating the establishment of the National Registry of Dietary Commitments in the Senate.

The lawmaker did not make any statement regarding this embarrassing situation in which he found himself, which sparked criticism and even ridicule online.

Senator Patricia Armendariz He was criticized for a similar stance when a photo of a sleeping lawmaker was published in April this year during a marathon session in the Federal Congress.

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Many thought it was Armendariz, including former President Vicente Fox and Marco Aguilar Vega, spokesman for the National Action Party. The first joked about the matter by asking for a pillow, while the second described the situation as embarrassing given the importance of legislative work.

However, the businesswoman also denied that she was the one appearing in the controversial photo. However, she took it with a sense of humor and responded to those who criticized her with this comment: “Obviously it’s not me hahaha. Greetings to you both and thank you for sparking my interest. Good evening.”