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They arrest presidential candidate Juan Sebastian Zamoro in Nicaragua

They arrest presidential candidate Juan Sebastian Zamoro in Nicaragua

(CNN Espasol) – In Nicaragua, presidential candidate Juan Sebastian Zamoro was arrested Tuesday, according to a police report.

The arrest, according to the text, was as follows:

“Delete acts that undermine freedom, sovereignty and self-determination, provoke foreign intervention in internal affairs, demand military intervention, raise funds from foreign powers to carry out acts of terrorism and instability, propose economic and trade sanctions against and control the Coalition Government. , To commend, to hurt the highest interests of the country and to take financial action against the country and its institutions ”.

The candidate was summoned to the attorney general’s office this Wednesday.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. CNN is trying to reach out to its legal team.

The fourth presidential candidate arrested in recent days is Juan Sebastian Zamoro. Among those arrested recently was his cousin Christiana Zamoro, a candidate.

In response to the news of the arrest of OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro, he wrote on his Twitter account that “the release of Juan Sebastian Zamoro and all other political prisoners in Nicaragua is urgent, and the persecution and repression will cease.” Dictatorship of Patricide Daniel Ortega.

“Nicaragua deserves to be free and democratic,” Almacro added.