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Enfrentamiento diplomático entre Nicaragua y RD

Diplomatic conflict between Nicaragua and DR

Louis Abinader’s government has made a shift in diplomatic policy, with direct statements by his foreign minister, Roberto Alvarez, on the internal affairs of countries in the region, which has attracted attention over the past nine months.

Last Sunday, Alvarez revealed on his Twitter account, “The arrest of presidential candidates Christiana Zamoro and Arturo Cruz in Nicaragua is being persecuted by the opposition ahead of the presidential election in November. These anti-democratic actions are meant to create an atmosphere of intimidation and tolerance. ”

He later added: “The allegations against Chamorro and Cruz and the abolition of the legal status of the only opposition party facing National Alliance President (Daniel) Ordega point to the removal of all democratic opposition. We demand the release of Chamorro and Cruz. “

Answer from Nicaragua
The Nicaraguan government, which will hold general elections on November 7, enthusiastically protested yesterday, demanding respect for the “extraordinary statements” of the Dominican Foreign Minister.

In a statement, its Foreign Minister, Denise Moncada, said that Nicaragua considers these things to be only applicable to the Nicaraguan people and government, and that its response is in the name of “decent, extra, non-interference, non-interference, and non-interference”. , “Governs us according to all international charts governing sovereignty between states.”

“It attracts powerful attention, and I must say that it fills us with shame. A brave people like Brother Dominican people are insulted in this way because anger and abuse in their name are guaranteed to the sovereignty of the fraternal people,” he says.

Venezuela and Haiti
Recently, the Abinadar government also issued statements causing diplomatic unrest with Venezuela, Haiti and China.

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Both the Dominican President and the Foreign Minister have on several occasions promised that “there can be no Dominican solution to the problems in Haiti.”

On December 2, Haitian Foreign Minister Claude Joseph, in a meeting with his Dominican representative, Roberto Alvarez, called for a change in the rhetoric of the country’s authorities and the removal of “negative stories” about Haiti and its citizens. “They give up what they want”.

Conflicts continue over the Canal River canal, which was proposed by the government of Haitian President Juanel Moisin.

As for Venezuela, Foreign Minister Alvarez has reiterated since accepting his role in August last year that negotiations are needed to ensure fair, free and transparent elections to tackle the crisis in the South American country.

In this regard, the UN in Lima Group. He came to propose a mediated consultation vote.

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Diplomatic conflicts
The attitude of the United States.

Diplomatic conflicts began since the inauguration of President Louis Abinader on August 16 last year, when he proposed strengthening relations with the United States and an open cool with China.

Appointed by Abinader, Secretary of State Roberto Alvarez, who was elected President and had a long service record in the diplomatic arena, has a leaning in American international politics.

Daniel Ortega.
The government of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua is considered a socialist trend and a political enemy of the United States.