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These are the searches you should not do on Google

These are the searches you should not do on Google

In the digital age, Google He became our loyal advisor, providing us with answers to every question With only a Click. However, is it really safe to trust this blindly? Tech giant?

likeGoogle positions itself as the digital oracleIt is important to realize that this search engine, although important, is not Without risk. Below, we'll explore some of the terms and topics you might be exposed to when searching for them Yomeans of comfort unwanted.

Warn! Searches that may compromise your security

1. Criminal acts?

  • A study about Criminal activities Not only can it be dangerous, but it may also alert the authorities. Avoid setting off alarms and it is best to refrain from this type of search.

2. Medical treatments and advice

  • Although Google can be an ally in searching for information, it does not replace anyone's opinion Occupational health. Avoid self-diagnosis and always see a doctor if you have any questions.

3. Loans and ways to make money quickly:

  • The Promise Easy money It may be tempting, but searching for these methods on Google can lead you to scams and risk of information theft. Be careful and avoid falling into potential traps.

4. Illegal content

  • Websites for Questionable origin stores illegal content Which could threaten your security. Avoid clicking on these platforms to protect your device from malware and other risks.

Browse carefully on Google

Yes Google is good She is an invaluable ally, and her usefulness comes with responsibilities. As you explore its secrets, it's essential that you stay Aware of the potential repercussions. Navigating this vast digital universe carefully is the key to enjoying its benefits without putting your security at risk.

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