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The world champion with Argentina remained in Qatar without a shirt or medal

The world champion with Argentina remained in Qatar without a shirt or medal

They met in 2018 and married three years later. But, like many love stories, the story did not end on good terms. Thus, there was a break in their relationship Exequiel Palacios Wessicka Frias, the former partner of the Qatar world champion player, initially threatened to sell the Bayer Leverkusen player's property to pay for the apartment they once shared, and this Thursday he finally made good on his threats.

Amidst the financial dispute over divorce… The former river relics were sold They shared photos of the buyers on their Instagram stories.

As he explained, Frias made the crucial decision to pay a debt to buy an apartment in Tigre. “The management doesn’t want to finish paying it because they don’t know if it will be his or not,” he said on “Socios del Espectáculo” (Channel Trece programme). In this sense, he added: “I only ask him for what belongs to me, not even the marital assets he owns in Germany.”

On his Instagram stories, Share a photo with the guy who bought the national team jacket. “The buyer of the first jersey will pay a lower fee,” Yesica wrote.

After a while, another picture of the same buyer appeared. And now with a World Champion medal in Qatar 2022. “With my friends @alexistroncoso95 and @yesifrias, thank you for your interest, hope the sale helps,” was the message accompanying the above photo.

What Frias made clear as soon as she was invited to the program is that during the period that she was in a relationship with Palacios, she was not able to develop her own life and that now she is forced to make this radical decision. He commented: “I will sell all the shirts and the world champion medal to pay for the apartment. I am trying to work, but I have been by his side for four years.”

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In addition, Tocco's ex-partner added: “He told me that he won't finish paying it because he doesn't know if it will suit him or not. And I'm just asking him for what's mine, what we did together, and for him to sign the divorce.”

He hinted that things could get more complicated: “He will sell the most important thing he has as a footballer to pay off the debts. There are things that I don’t want to part with, because they are things we did together, but if the time comes, then it is time. Because I have to have a roof.” “It is appropriate for him to remain silent. There are things I know about the national team that I have not said.”