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The University of Florida stops hiring Cuban researchers

The University of Florida stops hiring Cuban researchers

A surprise academic announcement involving the University of Florida (FIU). Certainly, the aforementioned institution suddenly stopped hiring Cuban researchers. However, Cuba is not alone on the list of countries deemed “of concern” by the Florida government. Venezuela, China, Russia, Syria, Iran and North Korea are also working to strengthen relations.

“Deans and directors of graduate programs are requested to temporarily halt any job offers or recruitment attempts involving individuals from the above countries,” according to the FIU Executive Order.

Faced with such a scenario, more than 300 teachers condemned the arbitrary decision. They consider, for obvious reasons, that an extremist base could harm the development, reputation and leadership of an educational institution.

Andres Gil, vice president of research at the Financial Intelligence Unit, stresses that “any offer made or active recruitment should be stopped until there is sufficient control over the process.” The new decision directly affects unpaid research fellows.

“Directors and deans of graduate programs will be instructed on what to communicate regarding this process. The official order states that the topic will be explained to newly admitted graduate students and/or prospective graduate students interested in obtaining graduate assistance.

DeSantis is radicalizing his home state of Florida

As expected, this decision has a direct connection to the current Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. In fact, this is part of the extremes of his powers.

Among other laws approved, one stands out prohibiting foreigners from the above-mentioned countries from purchasing property in Florida that is located within a certain distance of so-called “critical infrastructure.” Here it refers to airports or military bases, among other things.

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The University of Florida is an educational institution funded and supported by the state government and is therefore public in nature.

The Board of Directors consists of members appointed by the state government. He plays an integral role in selecting directors, including the Student Center President.