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The United States will design a plan to protect the Sula Valley

The United States will design a plan to protect the Sula Valley

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Joint inspection visit to assess the damage caused by this Eta and Iota storms Honduran government officials and a technical mission carried out yesterday American.

The tour took place in the Sula Valley, one of the worst-hit areas Natural last year.

Press A series of reports on the state of the Sula Valley in the aftermath of the disaster were released in April, where it can be seen that for many years Honduras had abandoned much of its production area. The series generated reactions and actions to expedite Portos ’repair in response to the outcry of manufacturers and residents of the region’s municipalities. They continue after the rain.

The Commission toured the relief channels of the Samelegan and Ulia rivers, followed by an exchange and agreements for the benefit of the surrounding communities.

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The United States Army Corps of Engineers (application) Provides technical plans and feasibility studies for a sustainable reconstruction in the Sula Valley.

Head of Planning Flood Control Authority (CCVS) in Sula Valley), Juan Jose Alvarado, said that the US Commission is aware of the hydraulic system Ulia and Samelegan rivers, How Chotab, Maya and Qualikim relief channels operate on their hydraulic capacity and what they survived during the two storms, and then develop a comprehensive development plan that will help us mitigate future disasters. ”


Save the valley

It reflected the reality that thousands of residents live in the affected municipalities and the series that La Brenza has been publishing for two weeks.
The urgency in repairing Portos is the cry of manufacturers and residents. The government set up a commission and reacted. The stories of the victims proved realistic.

Officials also pointed out that 75 projects have been outlined by the Public Projects Coordinating Secretariat 40% already running.

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Luis Dacosta, Hydrologist of CCVs, He said the visit was very positive. “Members of this mission are given an overview of the impact of Etta and Iota and then raises the bar for the future of the Sula Valley.”

The project, in collaboration with USACE, seeks to protect affected communities and palm, banana and sugarcane growers.

Application plan representatives will include Deputy Economic Adviser Matt Yorington U.S. Embassy.