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The United States has arrested 11 immigrants who arrived by boat in Florida

The United States has arrested 11 immigrants who arrived by boat in Florida

Florida, USA.

Immigration officials United States They were arrested this Monday Eleven immigrants A comer Boat To the city beach Pompeo Beach, Florida North of Miami.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PPSO) warned of customs Border security In (CBP) Immigrants, Tried some of them Escape when you reach the ground.

The CBP did not disclose nationality or other details Immigrants, But local channels once pointed out Boat Arrived at Hillsboro Inlet Marina and noticed they were men as wellOr a little.

Local 10 news channel saw manyS handcuffs Sitting on the sidewalk.

On May 12, a Haitian died Jump into the sea Have to run away with the other two guys while one is there Boat When they arrived they landed on Jupiter Beach on the southeast coastAnd Florida. In that case, The Border Patrol He was in contact with several Haitian settlers 40 meters from the beach Thursday Beach Three of them jumped into the ship.

Later, the two were arrested The third corpse Was found floating nearby.

Increases the flow of Cubans

On the other hand, the Border Patrol Eighteen Cuban immigrants who arrived yesterday Sunday were reportedly arrested in an antique boat Florida Keys, On the same day Coast Guard Paused search 10 immigrants He left Cuba a week ago and capsized just before Wednesday night Florida Keys.

The Coast Guard rescued eight Cuban migrants alive on Thursday Corpses, But the search for the remaining 10 stopped on Sunday.

Although Tragedies, Like last week, The The flow of Cubans This has increased in recent days.

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From October 1, 2020 Coast Guard 298 Cubans detained at sea Fiscal Year 2020.

See: 38 Central American immigrants rescued in Veracruz

In fiscal year 2019, there were 313 people, according to figures provided by U.S. officials Interrupted immigrants And in 2018 this number reached 259, while in 2017 and 2016 1,468 and 5,396 Cuban immigrants were detained at sea, respectively.

Gateway for Cubans without Legal permission to the United States It was open until January 12, 2017, when the then presidentAnd Barack Obama andWithdrawal of immigration benefit.

Since then, Cubans No one entered the United States illegally Temporary residence permit If they seek political asylum, they must seek it under the same conditions as other immigrants. EFE