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The trick to making your cell phone battery last all day

The trick to making your cell phone battery last all day

TikTok user Android Tech shared a trick with his followers that can help people using Android mobile phones save battery life and make charging last all day.

In the video, the Android tech explains that the user must first go to the Settings icon and tap on it. Later, you should click on the “Privacy” category. On some mobile phones, the item that appears is “Privacy & Security”. It’s just another step. You should click there and then look for the “Privacy” category. Once you are in this category, it is necessary to look for the item that says: “Send diagnostic data”.

Once there, the switch in this category is usually on or on. What you need to do then is move it so that it turns off. When you try to do this, another box appears with two dots that say: “I agree to send diagnostic data” and “I agree to link diagnostic data with other information.” It depends on the Android model, and only one of these two options may appear here.

What you should do is uncheck those points and press “Accept”. After that, the “Sending Diagnostic Data” category will be disabled and this, according to tiktoker Android Tech, will extend the battery life even longer.

The video, which contained a brief explanation of activating battery saving, quickly spread, reaching a huge number of 6,600,000 views and more than half a thousand comments, most of whom indicated that the trick they shared in the post helped them.

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“It worked,” one TikTok follower said. Another said: “I did this a month ago and so far it looks good.” “That’s right,” said a third.

On the other hand, there were many comments that stated that they would try the newly learned method and then say whether it worked or not, and there were also those who asked whether it was possible to use the exposed method for other mobile operating systems. Basically, for iOS, although the tiktoker response never came.

Jokers also joined in the comments, such as one who had no shame in saying, in a caustic tone: “I did it and my phone can last for two years and still have 100 percent battery.”