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4 iMessage features that WhatsApp should copy

4 iMessage features that WhatsApp should copy

iMessage has always been ahead of WhatsApp in terms of features, and these are some of the features that the world’s most popular messaging app should copy.

WhatsApp should copy these iMessage features

iMessage and WhatsApp are two of the most used messaging apps in the world, and although WhatsApp is more popular in many places around the world, it is less good in terms of functionality compared to the Messages app on iPhone. there Many things WhatsApp should copy from iMessage If you want to become the best choice for Apple users.

iMessage icon

Apple’s Messages app is far superior in its features to WhatsApp

Applications and games

iMessage is a very little known function that stands out a lot from the rest of the messaging apps. iMessage has its own app store Through it we can add applications and games to iMessage.

We have apps to take surveys or send GIFs, stickers or emojis too Games for remote competition With our friends. If WhatsApp offers something similar, it will be a real revolution.

Effects on messages

It is one of the best iMessage tricks without a doubt. When sending a message we can do so with different effects. After writing the message, yes Press and hold the blue submit arrowA list will appear with many options, and these are the different effects:

  • power: It will suddenly appear on the screen.
  • Shout, shout, shout: It will grow quickly and shake.
  • softness: The message will appear large and will shrink little by little.
  • Invisible ink– The message will only be visible when you hover over it.
  • sound echoDozens of identical messages will appear invading the screen.
  • to focus: Brilliant lights will illuminate your message.
  • Balloons: Several balloons will decorate the background.
  • Colored paper scraps: It will look like you are at a confetti party.
  • love: A large heart will appear next to your message.
  • Lasers: Well, lasers!
  • fireworks: Perfect for congratulations.
  • shooting star– A shooting star will pass across the screen and eventually light up.
  • to celebrate: Spark cone effect.
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Edition date

WhatsApp and iMessage both let you edit a message that’s already been sent, but the options offered by Apple’s app are better. By clicking on the sent message in iMessage we can View edit history Thus avoiding potential confusion if someone reads the message before editing it.

App for Apple Watch and iPad

This is something WhatsApp is working on and will eventually arrive. The WhatsApp iPad app is already in beta. But for now, this is something iMessage excels at. Can Send messages from your Apple Watch, view sent photos, or be able to listen to audio recordings from your wrist. Something WhatsApp doesn’t offer yet.

Of course they are very interesting jobs It would enhance the usage of WhatsApp. I’m sure most of the app users will be happy with the availability of these features.