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The trick to hiding “writing” in WhatsApp

The trick to hiding “writing” in WhatsApp. Jimmy Street. Unsplash.

WhatsApp It is an integral part of the life of more than 2 billion Of users around the world, but some aspects of its operation can up Generating a certain pressure under certain conditions. This is one of the reasons why WhatsApp has, over the years, added Privacy features How to deactivate Read confirmation Or restrict who can see if you’re online, last online time, profile picture, or statuses.

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They are options that allow you to enter and use WhatsApp Without other contacts being able to notice itWhich is especially important in accounts that are used for business purposes. But the only interaction that is always visible is… The keyword “writing”. What WhatsApp shows to other users when they write a reply. This can be counterproductive in some cases, because it is normal to wait for the next message and It doesn’t have to be this way in many cases..

To avoid feeling pressured to respond because a contact or group sees you writing, there are two ways you can: Reply without WhatsApp indicating that you are doing so.

The first and most basic is to resort to it Mobile airplane mode. Activate it from the Android or iOS notification center, write in WhatsApp, deactivate Airplane mode and send a reply. It’s not very comfortable, but it gets the job done.

The second option that WhatsApp allows is more practical and it is across the Notifications. until 2016These were read-only and it was necessary to open the application to answer them. That year, they came to Android, and were already on iOS, He answers quickly.

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The interesting thing about quick responses is that they allow for this Reply from the notification without the application showing that the user is online or typing or changing the last connection time. This way, both can be accessed From notifications Which is displayed from the top of the screen while using the phone as in Lock the screenThe recipient will not be able to know the sender’s activity until he receives the message.

To use this trick from the lock screen, just do this Click on the WhatsApp notifications icon and drag it to the quick reply option To open notifications and the keyboard for typing.

If the phone is unlocked when the notification arrives, simply tap the option to reply Which it contains so you can do this without having to enter directly into the application.